Lunchtime A Turtle


pianoSo my 4 year old composed a song today.  Completely spontaneously and without any prompting on my part.  It was eerily quiet in the house, and I got paranoid that something was being or had been destroyed… and instead it was quiet because he was furiously busy creating something!  Now, I’m not professing that he’s the next Mozart by any means, but it did help me realize that here I am trying to be SO intentional about my creativity and really I just need to look to my child for guidance!

So I didn’t technically “make” anything today, but I do feel like I should get some credit related to his creation… I did help make him after all!

And how did we end the day?  One of the best ways I know…

Lego Crane – entirely made by the 4 year old.  I was there for moral support.  🙂  

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