Coming out of hibernation


Yes, I know it’s the middle of summer.  However, due to my work schedule July always feels like the start of the new year.  So it seems fitting that creatively I am feeling quite bear like, poking my head out of the den, stretching and getting ready to go out and explore after my long winter slumber.


So my first endeavor is this impulse purchase of fresh flowers.  Just a simple day lily and some greens.  But I never buy myself flowers, so this was a treat.  And I think I got the most enjoyment out of just carrying them home, imagining I was returning from a quaint little european farmers market.

With the house filling up with the lily fragrance, I dove into our downstairs closet (aka. “black hole of stuffiness”) and dug out the tools for my first crafting endeavor.  I’m kind of cheating because I’m “re-starting” a sweater than has been collecting dust, but better this than nothing, right?



Pattern – Hannah Fettig “Effortless Cardigan” 

Yarn – Louet Gems 

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